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Battlefield 3 Jets

While very little information has been released by EA concerning vehicles for battlefield 3, one thing is certain; Jets will be included. How large of a role they will play however, still seems to be up in the air. Electronic Arts Patrick Söderlund confirmed in an interview at E3 that the battlefield 3 jets would only be playable in the multiplayer mode conquest. The reasoning? The maps in deathmatch and Rush are simply too small for the battlefield 3 jets to be utilized effectively.

EA has displayed only two jets in the released trailers, those jets are: (more...)

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What’s New In Battlefield 3?

Whats new? The real question is “What isn't new”? The reality is that everything is bigger, better, and more fun to play. A lot has happened in the past six years since the release of Battlefield 2.

For its time all Battlefield games have looked amazing and it looks like Battlefield 3 will not disappoint. The Frostbite 2 engine will actually debut with the launch of Battlefield 3. Using DirectX11, 64-bit processors, and Destruction 3.0 the game will definitely be mind blowing. Destruction 3.0 allows for the destruction of buildings in a way never seen before. The destruction in frostbite 2 is way better than Frostbite 1.5 from BF2.

From what is known so far Battlefield 3 will include the UH-1Y, SU-37/SU-34, F-18, M1A2 LAV-25, Blackhawk, Humvee, and the Littlebird. The Battlefield 3 tanks especially look really good. Based on some in-game footage shown at E3, the tanks look to have a more dynamic and fun role. One of the main improvements is the ability to hold your own against an air assault.


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The BEST Graphics of the YEAR?

Battlefield 3 has been rated to have the best visuals among games in 2011 from E3’s GameSpot Poll by winning the Readers and Editor-Choice Award. It has received a majority preference among voters by gaining an outstanding amount 15,487 or (51%) of votes. (more...)

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Bipods: Mount and Shoot!

Posted today on Twitter, Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz responded to a question about bipods.

"Are bipods only for prone? Or could I crouch and setup on a railing...?" asked a twitter user. The answer? Yes! "You can deploy the bipod on various cover surfaces" responded Kertz.

What is a Bipod? (more...)

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Xbox 360 Special Lighting Feature for BF3, but no 1080p!

Consoles will be limited to 720p @ 30 fps, however xbox 360 users will be getting a special secret lighting feature which is sure too cheer up some players! Even tho... Nothing beats good old 1080p ;) PC users rejoice!

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NO Kill Delay When Revived!

That's right guys, now play smart. See a medic going for the revive? Wait and go for the double kill ;) Profit. Just like back in the BF2 Days.

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PSM3: BF3 “Winning The War”

PlayStation3 Magazine hit the shelves in the UK today with the Battlefield 3 article "Winning The War". Review the fully rendered screen-shots here!


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