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Jet Commentary Video

BF3Admin, Paymon, has released a BF3 Jet Commentary video featuring the Jet "Rocket Pods" which proved to be a more "fun" alternative to the Guided and Heat Seeking Missiles. All done with just a Keyboard.

Check out the FIST Clan here and hop in our TeamSpeak at: ts3.fistclan.com:5040

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BF3CC Server Tools Launched!

The developers of the Battlefield 3 Command Centre have announced and released their first version of BF3CC. PC players will now be able to use BF3CC for server administration! With a clean and crisp design, admins will be able to manage their servers with ease and effectiveness. Enjoy.

Download BF3CC Here.

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Back To Karkand Screenshots

Eurogamer.net has released some screenshots of the popular upcoming Battlefield 3 map, "Back to Karkand". We all know our love for "Strike at Karkand" from Battlefield 2 and are excited for the first DLC for Battlefield 3 which is expected to be released within a few weeks!

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BattleRecorder coming soon?

DICE’s Lars Gustavsson hinted that Battlerecorder video mode is coming soon after a recent Podcast on RadioGamer.se with DICE. This is no surprise to us as a BattleRecorder was hinted at in the early stages of the Battlefield 3 features and rumors. With BattleRecorder, video makers, competitive players, and the anti-cheap community will thrive with a feature long awaited for.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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How to play BF3 Early

In order to play BF3 Early if you are not in a timezone where the game is activated you must temporarily run your internet through a proxy to activate the game. To do this:

Control panel>Internet options>connections>lan settings>check " use a proxy server" enter following details.

Or the Indonesian IP with same port.

Remember to un-proxy yourself once activated!

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Battlefield 4 Trailer

Is this real life? HECK YEA! Freddiew showing the BF3 community some love. Subscribe to this man if you have not, never fails to dissapoint.

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TV Launch Trailer

EA has released a BF3 TV Launch Trailer which looks absolutely fantastic. They incorporated real life footage with in-game content, is this real life?

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BF3 Launch Trailer

The Official BF3 Launch Trailer has been released by EA/DICE. The Single Player and COOP Footage will leave you breathless. Enjoy.

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Origin ID Changer

EA has released the tools to change your associated ID or Nickname to Origin / Battlefield 3. Change it as much as you like :)

Change your Origin ID here

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Command Center Sneak Peak

The Battlefield 3 Command Center, by I3D, has made its debut and will be released soon. Players will be able to monitor and administrate their Battlefield 3 Servers for the PC.

BF3CC will allow you to: change the map, whitelist players, kid/ban, set password, and more. What makes BF3CC great is its simple app and easy to use interface. BF3 Server Admins will not be disappointed and should have no problem running their servers as they see fit. (more...)

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