Battlefield 3 Sniper Rifles

M110 - This is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, with the caliber 7.62 × 51mm. Developed by Knight's Armament Company, based on Mk11 mod.0 to supply and replace the M24 sniper rifle in the U.S. Army (NATO).


SVD (Dragunov Sniper Rifle) is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, with the caliber 7.62 × 54mm R, developed in the USSR. The main purpose of SVD is the support of offensive forces. The weapon was adopted for different purposes and combat forces. Including the special sniper rifle "Vintorez" is a special sniper rifle designed for special forces. The various interpretations of SVD have different ballistic properties. In general, the SVD is the legendary Soviet sniper rifle, whose effectiveness has been proven in many military operations.


This is interesting to know: not officially, some militaries (primarily American) strongly criticize the SVD for various reasons. For example, they say that it is not accurate, not reliable, etc. But surprisingly, they themselves were at the same time happy to explore it. The sight PSO - 1, which is also being criticized by some militaries, is as legendary as the very rifle. It is purchased by Americans very actively and for large prices (300 - $ 400 for a used rifle).


M24 is an American sniper rifle, based on the Remington 700.


M24 has a barrel made ​​of stainless steel 609 mm long, specially crafted for the shooting with sniper ammunition M118SB 7.62 mm NATO. The barrel has 5R drilling developed by Remington, which has five rifling with rounded edges (to reduce friction). The rifling step is 1 turn / 286 mm. The butt plate is adjustable for length of 69 mm back and forth to adjust for any shooter. The Leupold-Stewens M3 Ultra sight has a fixed multiplicity of 10x or 12x, a scale for determining distance and compensator to account for the lower trajectory of the bullet.

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